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                                                                              Wedding Cinematography

 Let us guess: you don't want cheesey, you don't want long and boring,nothing too staged and

probably you want us to be unobtrusive on the day....

You are also a couple who is celebrating the LOVE that brought you together and really want to preserve these

once-in-a-lifetime moments in simplistic but also artistic way.

                                                     CINEMATIC, CREATIVE, ARTISTIC WEDDING FILMS IN


  While photographs are very important, the wedding film has become a must, due to its versatility and ability to preserve the moments and emotions of your most important day forever.

  The days of boring and un-emotional wedding videography are long gone. We promise to capture your wedding day in a cinematic and beautiful way.This is not only possible,but it will also contribute towards creating the most important souvenir you will have of this very special occasion - we are aiming in creating artistic wedding films.

 We use specialized videography equipment, a range of DSLR cameras due to their film like qualities. Our aim is to make your wedding film unique and we go to great lengths to use technology and creativity to ensure that your film is not just another look alike.

 Your wedding film brings your wedding day back to life each time you watch it or show it to friends and family and enables you to relive the moments like nothing else does!

 We recommend any couple to budget for both,photography and videography, in order to get the most comprehensive documentation of the day that happens once in a lifetime. We aim to create a breathtaking film for each of our clients.

We promise our film will take you back to your wedding day every time you watch it.

 Feel free to watch our videoclips and get in touch with us if you like what you see.