Walk in Love Studio | Home Shoots

            Get Great Family Photos these Holidays in the comfort of your Home!

Walk in Love Studio has the recipe for capturing great photos of your Family during the Holidays! 

 We believe the most beautiful images can be created using natural light either inside your home, in your garden or at a location of your choice. Using the latest equipment for low light conditions, we can capture your family in a relaxed environment.The images we provide are candid, environmental.

                                        We promise you'll have memories to last a lifetime!




What to wear?
Your session time can allow for “wardrobe changes” so feel free to try out a couple of different looks! This depends on the number of people included in the session. For newborn - favorite blankets and hats are adorable. For toddlers and older children, solid colors and simple patterns are usually best but cool and trendy is fun too. Tutu’s and capes are also always welcome. For family shots we would recommend a simple & similar overall tone,but this is for your family, do what fits your families personality.

                                All photos and collages on our website are done by Alex and Claudia Baragan - Photographers of Walk in Love Studio.