Walk in Love Studio | Chris + Amy Wedding at Pyesmead Farm, Southampton, UK

Chris + Amy Wedding at Pyesmead Farm, Southampton, UK

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  Photographing and filming Amy & Chris wedding day was pure joy for us as they behaved in such a natural way in front of our cameras.

 Being surrounded by a lot of photographic equipment can be daunting for most of us,but didn`t bother them at all so our work of capturing their best day was made much easier by their constant smiling ! 

 After the groom and bride preparations,they decided to tie the knot in the site of God at Highfield Church in Southampton. The ceremony was so emotional and heart touching causing lot of tears to pour down the bridesmaids and guest faces.

 The powerful words of the religious service remained us that marriage is a gift of God in creation, through which husband and wife may know the grace of God. It is given that as man and woman grow together in love and trust, they shall be united with one another in heart,body and mind,as Christ is united with his bride,the Church.

Because Amy`s and Chris`s love for nature, they decided to entertain their guests at Pyesmead Farm on the edge of New Forest National Park, which is a unique landscape of o ancient woodland, heather-covered heath, wide lawns, boggy mires, gentle farmland, coastal saltmarsh and mudflats and picturesque villages.The marquee was erected next to a fishing lake where we choose to do the portrait session.

The speeches made all the guest laughed along with anything resembling a good joke,and believe us,there were a lot of good and smart jokes spoken !

So watching their pictures I hope you`ll enjoy their beautiful wedding day as much as they did !


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