Walk in Love Studio | about Weddings


We take photographs for various events but our favorites are no doubt, the weddings.That's because weddings are one of the most important events in everybody's lifetime.It is the birth of a new Family and that is:

a gift from GOD - for a Man and a Woman.



We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come. We make images for couples who appreciate EXCEPTIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY and CREATIVE FLAIR.

We like to approach your day unobtrusively and capture the events, emotions and details as they unfold, so the story of your wedding day is preserved as authentically as possible. But we also strive to create intimate pictures - something amazing which captures the surrounding beauty and the unique connection between our couples -

pieces of art that will be loved always!


might be for some couples a daunting experience and to trust complete strangers to capture one of the most important days of your life is not an easy task! 

But with our 12 years of photography experience in this field, our creativity, easy-going and relaxed approach, our promise to you is that we'll focus on getting excellent photos while you focus on what's only the most special day of your life!   

              Full Day Photography * Please get in touch with your request and a bespoke quote !

             We hope for the chance to exceed your expectation soon and to be part of your story!                  

  WE offer a range of stunning wedding albums. You do not need to order album at the time of booking. Many couples wait until after the wedding and we are happy to organise any albums after you receive the wedding images.