Walk in Love Studio | about Schools/Nurseries

Build on the tradition of “Picture Day”, Walk in Love Studio is a trusted provider of photographic products and services to nurseries and schools across the South of UK, capturing smiles since its establishment in 2006.

                                                                                  Nursery Portraits 

Natural Shoots:Unlike the usual studio style photography, we take photographs of the little children in their natural play environments, this is a great way of photographing children when they are exploring, investigating and naturally happy in their normal setting. Parents are then able to purchase these wonderful photographs from our password protected online gallery, therefore your nursery’s admin is kept to a minimum.

Because of the parents’great feedback, we propose for Autumn to focus on Black & White photographs or shades of sepia (parents are really impressed with this type of photos!)

 Studio Shoot : Using portable equipment which can fit into small spaces, we are able to provide you with a studio style shoot at your nursery. We use a white background which gives us more flexibility on the style of image that we can produce and after editing the images, we are able to create works of art that your parents can display on the walls of their homes.

Do you want great Christmas Portraits? Walk in Love Studio has the recipe for capturing great photos of your children during the holidays.We promise you'll have memories to last a lifetime!

Family Day : On a Saturday or bank holiday, we can come to your nursery to take studios style images of your families. Each will have a “mini shoot” and without compromising quality we are able to cut prices from our usual private shoots. Also for each family that books a private shoot with us we give money to your nursery.

Our nursery clients return to us year after year for our service and quality.Also,we'll generate more funds for your nursery! 


                                                                                                                     School Portraits

  The photography service is free of charge to the school and with no obligation to the students.

   We offer school photography services to suit your requirements:Individual portraits,Siblings and Class groups.

   Class Groups are a fun and modern alternative for school leavers and a great new way to increase school funds!

   If you like Walk in Love Studio services,why not recommend us to your school? We would love to hear from you!