Walk in Love Studio | About

 Hello and welcome to our website!

 Let us tell you something about what we do or ....OUR PHILOSOPHY

  Over the past 12 years,Walk in Love Studio has created authentic, natural imagery with LOVE+STYLE for modern couples, locally around Petersfield,Hampshire and worldwide in Europe and USA.

  On your wedding day we are the artistic narrators telling the deeper story of your day.

  We take care in getting to know you and placing you in lovely spaces+light, so your wedding story reflects you beautifully and authentically.  

  Garden,forest,ski slopes,estate and historic site weddings are our cup of tea. So we are confident we can deliver exactly what  you are looking for.

 Let us tell you something about ourselves...  

I am Alex Baragan,photographer,filmmaker and I became my own boss at the age of 25, after I graduated from New York Institute of Photography. When I was little, I wanted to became a crane operator, as I liked heights and wanted to build things...

As a teenager, I wanted to became a famous mountain climber and always dreamed of climbing Everest (Himalaya). Haven't done that as later I met my wife and she was more earthy; however I have managed to climb lots of high peaks in the Carpathians Mountains and also in USA (please,call to ask how many peaks I have climbed!)

Beautiful weddings, the outdoors, people and their smiles is what inspires me to create memorable moments.


    I LOVE nature and I always take advantage of the natural light.

    I have a keen eye for those special, but unseen moments.

    I  love bringing emotion to my work, I want my images to tell the story all by themselves.

    I enjoy playing basketball with my eldest son and playing football  with my youngest. But I can't stand going shopping with my wife,I rather ride my bike in the countryside.

    Admin hates me and I am not a big fun of it either, so you will mostly speak to Claudia for quotes and arranging all those wedding details.


I am Claudia Baragan,photographer,filmmaker and PR person for Walk in Love Studio.

I started my first job at 19 as a Primary School Teacher (still love working with children so much!) and later I became a French Teacher (oui, Je parle francais aussi!).

Everything I know about photography,cinematography,editing is from hands-on experience, also working alongside Alex-my husband, on hundreds of weddings done in the last 12 years.

For me,family is one of the most important things in life. I am a wife,mother,sister,daughter,friend...I know!! I have so many blessings!


    I like to travel to sunny places.                                        

    I love to worship and praise God for His Love and Power.                      I wish I have more time to play guitar.

    I can't think of anything worse than not delivering the work we have promised.

   My advice for husbands-to-be: “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her." Ephesians 5:25

   My advice for wives-to-be: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." Mark 10:9

  Our style is natural and fresh with a romantic edge and we can most certainly say that our styles complement each other,  giving you variety, but also diversity when it comes to telling your story. 

  We are so lucky to be able to work together, inspire each other and most of all have fun with every project, client and personal shoot we take on.

  Shall we start then?